Forthcoming From NGC

Issue #145 (Feb 2022)

Special Issue: Hans Blumenberg at 101

Special Issue Editor: Hannes Bajohr

This special issue on Hans Blumenberg (1920-1996) introduces one of Germany’s most eminent post-war philosophers to an English-speaking audience. Trained as a phenomenologist, but working across a variety of fields and approaches, Blumenberg offers scholars in literature, intellectual history, and philosophy a wide range of useful conceptual tools: His metaphorology introduced the systematic study of the function metaphors play in philosophical texts; his philosophical anthropology conceives of the human being as building shields against an overwhelming reality through myths and stories; his political rhetorics understands the function of speech not only as action but also as the delay and supplanting of action; and his theory of history analyzes the overarching understanding of reality that orders thought and affect in an epoch. The contributions to the issue show these tools in action and connect interpretations of his insights with current debates, whether about the Anthropocene or artificial intelligence, liberalism or spectatorship, art historical modernism or the uses of a specifically fabulatory philosophy for life. The issue also includes two historical texts in translation: a philosophical self-reflection by Blumenberg himself, and a eulogy to him by his friend Odo Marquard, who introduces the idea of “unburdening from the absolute” as the philosopher’s main idea.

Table of Contents

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